For Such a Time

For Such a Time is a Christian kid’s CD compilation involving 14 different artists/groups and many outstanding young people. The CD features a vibrant choir made up of 25 young people, from the Newcastle (Australia) region.

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A New Song Collective’s Debut Album Released 2019

Produced by Rhys Zacher and Carly Fletcher.

Featuring: Leesa Briones, Melissa Otto, Clearly Hinze, Kemy Ogendi, James and Rosemarie Fletcher, Braedan and Alise Entermann, Anna Beaden, Marleta Fong, Sandra Entermann, Leighton and Ali Heise, the Newcastle Samoan SDA Junior Choir, Blair and Emma Lemke, Candice Berghan, Neville Peter, Paul and Carly (Fletcher) Kochanski, some cute kids, and many talented young people.

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