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Enjoy original Christian music that will help to give you strength, courage and endurance for all that is happening in our world today.
Coming – April 2021!


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Do you have original songs to share?

Do you long to share the song God has put in your mouth far and wide but there just seems one too many hurdles in front of you? We hear you!

That is why we created a new Song Collective to provide the guidance and tools needed to succeed.

We can offer artists a way to be a part of an album, without having to pay thousands to do a full album.

Take advantage of our high quality studio, with top-notch sound produced by a professional sound engineer.

Get world wide exposure, as well as mentoring for new artists who want to grow their music.

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For Such a Time is a Christian kid’s CD compilation involving 14 different artists/groups and many outstanding young people. The CD features a vibrant choir made up of 25 young people, from the Newcastle (Australia) region.

You can purchse backing tracks for this album also.

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Whether you want to join A New Song Collective, have questions about our music or anything in between we’d love to hear from you.

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“He has put a new song in my mouth – Praise to our God; Many will see it and fear, And will trust in the Lord.” – Psalm 40:8